Individual Automation

The Challenge

High productivity for small quantities or many product variants is difficult to achieve economically using classical automation technology. In particular, there is a lack of flexible technical aids contributing to the efficiency of process steps, which are performed manually nowadays. At the same time, it is essential to keep the workers involved and to continue to employ their existing skills and their experience in the value creation process.

Our Solution

Rigid industrial plants that perform a fixed sequence of operations are substituted by a system of interconnected modules, which are adapted to the worker’s activities. In contrast to specialized machinery, our intelligent modular system can be quickly adapted, configured and put into operation in-house for each product. Thus, retooling is transformed from being a disturbance of normal operation to being a part of it.

The robodev Concept

Relying on our technological know-how of modular and service robotics, we have set the aim to bring innovative solutions to the market that facilitate the economical production and assembly of small quantities.

Our platform, which is based on established standards, combines hardware and software offered by robodev together with third party components into a unified, easy-to-use system. Depending on the respective requirements, the set of usable components ranges from simple sensors and actuators to sophisticated computer vision and lightweight robots. Thereby, robodev enables its customers to build solutions that are tailored to the individual process. It permits an optimal division of labor between workers and intelligent, reusable mechatronic assistance systems.

  • Increased efficiency

    in production by means of a flexible (partial) task automation.

  • Faster response

    to market changes through an agile adaptation of production.

  • Reduced investment risk

    due to the product-independent use of components.

  • No expert knowledge

    is required for installation and operation of the system.

The overall robodev system consists of intelligent mechatronics modules that can be arbitrarily assembled (robodev modules) together with an innovative software control (robodev control). This combination enables highly customizable automation solutions.
The hardware modules comprise various drives and sensors which incorporate both simple light barriers and complex 3D cameras.
The software performs all main functions, ranging from image processing to motor control. Plugins provide advanced functionality.
The modules are connected by a single-cable solution. Plug & Play provides direct access to all connected modules.
An intuitive, web-based interface is provided for the configuration of the customer-specific process. It can be used with any end user device.

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robodev GmbH is a technology startup, which emerged from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in 2016. We have PhDs in modular and service robotics and possess a comprehensive know-how in the fields of integrated mechatronics, software engineering and distributed real-time systems.

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Dr. Andreas Bihlmaier
Dr. Andreas Bihlmaier
CEO, Head of Software
Dr. Julien Mintenbeck
Dr. Julien Mintenbeck
Head of Electronics
Dr. Jens Liedke
Dr. Jens Liedke
Head of Mechanics

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