Jobs: Developer Web Technologies (Fulltime)

Developer Web Technologies
wanted as soon as possible
robodev offers a completely new kind of automation technology with its intelligent modular system. To enhance our team, we are looking for a software developer that will work on the frontend and backend of our highly interactive single-page application. Python runs the backend. The frontend combines known and innovative JS frameworks, SVG and WebGL. WebSockets provide real-time data.
You have ...
  • knowledge of Python, JS and client-side frameworks;
  • experience working with Linux and databases;
  • already developed software in teams;
  • programmed (open source) software for personal interests.
We offer you ...
  • a work environment build on high-tech and fun;
  • the opportunity to contribute in creating a unique product;
  • diversity of tasks and technologies;
  • a team with clear cut goals and a firm motivation;
  • personal growth in a startup atmosphere.
You are ...
  • happy at work when having open and friendly colleagues;
  • someone who asks for guidance, but then find your own path;
  • eager to learn something new every day;
  • in favor of substantiated and pragmatic decision making.