robodev job offers

robodev has a lot planned for the coming years! To this end, we need further reinforcement in the area of software. In the coming months, we will advertise positions on the following topics:


  • Embedded software (maintenance and further development of our module firmware | C/C++)

  • Frontend (further development of our web-based robodev assistant | Typescript)

  • Vision (further development and implementation of new functionalities & concepts | C++)

  • Backend (further development of our software | C++)

  • Full-Stack-Developement  (from the module level to the web interface | C++)

  • Embedded Real-Time Linux (maintenance and optimization of the OS of our controller)


  • Test Engineer (support and further development of our CI tests in software and hardware | C++, Python)

The complete announcements will follow as soon as we have defined the job profiles. But maybe you are already interested in one or more topics?

Then we would be happy to hear from you in advance.

Please send us your resume and a short cover letter:

  • Which topic are you interested in and why?

  • What experience do you have in this area?

  • When could you start?

We will get in touch with you as soon as the corresponding job profile has been determined and we can fill the position.

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